Wax Melts (Choose your fragrance)

6 Heart Shaped Wax melts in a range of Gorgeous scents
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6 pretty heart shaped wax melts in a pack. Choose from some of our most popular fragrances. Add one or 2 hearts to your burner with a tea light underneath and as the hearts melt they release the beautiful aroma into the air. 

These can be mixed and matched to created your own unique fragrance combinations.

Do not add water and never leave a flame unattended.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by kevlin , 18/03/16

Love the fact that you can pick and choose different fragrances. They all smell good enough to eat. And leave the whole house smelling amazing.

Reviewed by Dee , 28/11/14

Bakewell tart smells fab,need more

Reviewed by Lisa S, 25/02/14

Yet another amazing package from here. Decides to try the cherry bakewell melts and oh my!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! Will no doubt be purchasing a lot more I. The future . Great products combined with amazing service

Reviewed by Lorna , 12/09/13

O WOW! Purchased these for myself in cherry bakewell, my house smelt like a bakery for 2days and that was just half of one! Highly recommend for anyone who wants a strong lasting fragrant home xx

Reviewed by Jodie m, 30/08/13

These are fabulous!! All the candles made by Nicoletta are absolutely amazing! As soon as you walk into the house whilst the candle is lit, the smell hits you, it makes the atmosphere smell and feel very homely! I couldn't recommend any candle/wax melts better than Nicoletta! And the lemon scented ones are to die for!!

Reviewed by sarah b, 29/06/13

now a product for ur home these leave ur room smelling so nice i have these in lovers spell,iced lemon cake n gingerbread! they smell delicious!!

Reviewed by Leanne L, 11/11/12

Like it's not enough for your body to smell gorgeous, these wax melts have your home also smelling delicious. The mango melts are scrummy.

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