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Another addition to the home fragrancing range are these lovely room sprays. Ideal for fragrancing your rooms in a beautiful selection of fragrances. A little amount goes a long way.
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Cameron w, 16/04/18

I bought my nan one of these for Xmas and she loves it she says it makes the room smell amazing. I also have one that I use in my car!

Reviewed by kevlin , 19/03/16

I love how I can make my house smell like my favourite body products. In some rooms I don't want to have my burner on, so this is a great alternative. Even my car smells fab!!! 😀

Reviewed by Hayley , 17/06/13

I bought the lemon room spray as a gift last week and have heard nothing but praise about it, how fresh it smells and how long the fragrance lasts for... I will be buying some for me next time!!

Reviewed by Mrs M, 14/06/13

Excellent product with beautiful packaging. Very refreshing and sweet



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