Shower Fluff

Luxury Shower/Bath Wash
A Sweet Fruity Bubblegum fragrance that is one of the most popular fragrances in the range.
One for the Gents. Millionaire Man smells similar to the well known aftershave similar in name
Opium Noir (Perfum type)
A girly fragrance with notes of vanilla, candyfloss, caramel and a hint of musk
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Gemma , 10/12/16

Such great value for money! Leaves you skin very soft. Amazing scents

Reviewed by Ellie , 10/11/16

I have the Parma violet fluff, it smells exactly like Parma violets and a little goes a long way! I've had mine about 2 months and it's only half empty, makes your skin smell and feel amazing, love it

Reviewed by Natalia , 12/09/16

Im so happy with my product they smell so gorgeous that you can't stop smelling them.

Reviewed by Vicky , 28/08/16

My partner bought me the Parma violets shower fluff, it's amazing! Long lasting pot and also the smell lasts a while on your body! Leaves you feeling soft and smelling lovely!

Reviewed by Christina , 15/06/16

I've tried the parma violets shower fluff love the smell and glitter adds sparkle

Reviewed by Zoe D, 13/06/16

So far I have tried bubblegum and pinky sugar & both smell absolutely gorgeous! & leave you smelling great and your skin so soft :) I can't wait to try the rest!!!

Reviewed by Jade , 31/05/16

Smell so good and leave hair and skin feeling soft

Reviewed by Linzi o, 23/03/16

Best thing Ever.a little goes a long way.leaves skin so soft and smelling lovely x

Reviewed by kevlin , 31/01/16

I adore the fluffs. I have four pots on the go at the moment. They smell amazing, lots of lovely soapy bubbles and leave skin soft and squeeky clean. Try them and you will never look back.



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