Shiver Me Timbers Bath Bomb (Bubblegum fragrance with hidden gold coin)

Kids love these Bubblegum scented bath bombs. Watch as the fizzy bath bomb spins around turning the water into a tropical blue sea. Bathbomb contains a gold coloured coin in the centre for added fun. (Not suitable for under 36 months.
Water colour (Computer monitors will vary but water turns a lovely turqouise blue shade)
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by kevlin , 18/03/16

Not just for the little pirates in your life, but for the big ones too. My son and husband have both tried these with a resounding arrgggg (rubbish pirate impression).

Reviewed by Lana P, 13/07/15

Turned the water a beautiful shade of blue, felt like I was bathing in a tropical sea! Surrounded me with a sweet bubblegum scent I'd already fallen in love with from the Shower Fluff, plus the hidden treasure filled me with childlike excitement. I'll definitely be buying again in the future! :D

Reviewed by Sarah , 01/04/15

I bought these for my son as he loves pirate thing and the novelty of getting a coin once in the bath was great! We have been having problems getting him in the bath but having this lovely idea of Nicolette was great as Oliver loves having baths now! He not only loves these but he steals mine too! Fab idea and gentle on skin! Massive 👍👍👍👍👍



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