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ParaSoy WaxShots are a great way to fragrance your home. Break a piece off and add to your burner or mix and match for a unique fragrance. These are highly fragranced wax melts that come in a variety of colours (Depending on the scent)  

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Cara , 18/10/18

Absolutely amazing, I bought a variety of melts around a year ago and I’m still trying to use them now! They last so long and make the whole house smell amazing!

Reviewed by Anne , 11/05/17

The best melts ever simple as xxx

Reviewed by Janey M, 23/01/17

Wow! Got my order today and i am so delighted with these wax shots! And the wee freebie coffee caramel and rain melts were a fab addition. Just re ordered and consider me a long term customer! Brilliant!

Reviewed by Ellie , 10/11/16

These wax melts are really good, you get enough in one tub to fill a small burner like 4 times. the scents make your whole house smell amazing. The only problem I've found is after a few hours of burning the wax has lost its scent so you have to scoop out any remaining wax from the burner and chuck it as it doesn't have any scent anymore

Reviewed by Wendy V, 08/04/16

These are amazing,the fragrance last for hours. I have tried a few of these and my favourite ones are Lemon washer woman and washer woman. Looking forward to trying some of the new ones.

Reviewed by dee , 24/03/16

let me start by saying I'm very picky with my wax - I NEED strong scented ones! Sugar Cookie - 9 1/2 out of 10. I used 1/2 a tub in my very large ha;;way and found it had a good throw and lasted a very long time. Oh, it smelled lovely too. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - 9 1/2 out of 10! A lovely strong scent with an excellent throw but didn't last quite as long as sugar cookies. Peanut Butter Cookie Dough - wasn't keen on the scent of this one I'm afraid - not how PB smells to me I'm afraid so only 5 out of 10. Looking forward to trying my other fragrances and will be ordering more for certain! xx

Reviewed by Beckie , 19/03/16

Have used various melts and can say these beat other hands down and the variety of scents are amazing!!!! I'm currently burning cherry bakewell downstairs and melon and cucumber upstairs, can't wait to try all the rest!!

Reviewed by Kathryn H, 31/01/16

Amazing! The scents of these melts are so real rather than artificial and the variety available is just crazy. Can't wait to see what new ones come next :-)

Reviewed by Kristi , 31/01/16

These wax melts beat Yankee hands down. I usually cut mine into quarters or eighths and you can reuse a small bit without it losing its smell. A quarter can last a week or more! Fill the whole house with amazing fragrance

Reviewed by kevlin , 31/01/16

Having tried the usual high Street melts I had to try these. I can honestly say I have only used these from then on. The smell they deliver is second to none. After one burn my whole house smells wonderful.

Reviewed by Hannah , 02/12/14

Days later my house still smells amazing just from one burn!!! Love them! x

Reviewed by Dee , 28/11/14

sugar plum fairy is to die for the whole house smells lush

Reviewed by Gemma T, 18/10/14

I love these wax melts. I have tried blood orange, birthday cake and blackberry jam and they have all been amazing. They have a strong scent that fills the house and lasts. A wonderful product.



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