Lip Butters (Big Loves)

Big Loves (LIP BUTTER)
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Size: 20g
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A rich Lip Butter that leaves lips sooooo soft and smooth. A great way to hydrate and repair dry, cracked lips too. A beautiful range of flavours in a pretty heart shaped tin.

Made with local Beeswax, Olive oil and Shea Butter

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Christina, 30/04/17

Amazing lip butter with scrubby bits leaves your lips soft and smooth a little goes along way had my lip butter months and months use it daily still half left!

Reviewed by kevlin, 18/03/16

I have one of these in my car as well as my bag, they last forever and are very moisturising without being greasy. A real beauty must.

Reviewed by Kristi, 31/01/16

I've had the bubblegum and strawberries and champagne. They last forever and leave lips feeling soft and moisturised without feeling greasy

Reviewed by Pamela, 12/03/14

Went for the pear drop flavour & it's lovely. the smell is amazing & keeps my lips soft & smooth. Also love the strawberry & champagne.

Reviewed by hailey, 19/01/14

I went with strawberry and champagne and OMG it is the best smelling lip butter I have ever tired. The formula is mousse like and once warmed up with my finger when applying. It has definitely helped my lips and they are starting to heal. I take this everywhere with me and i want more.

Reviewed by Danni, 20/08/13

The tin is huge so lasts a while . It keeps your lips super soft and smells great too .

Reviewed by Cheryl Godfrey, 12/06/13

Yummy and addictive as so softening on the lips and added bonus smells and feels so yummy x

Reviewed by Laura Gardner, 16/05/13

You get soo much product in these tins which is great. A marvellous smelling sweet product which will get your sweet tooth kicking :) a must have. :D

Reviewed by Amy, 20/01/12

This has become my lip saviour. I will never touch another balm, smells gorgeous and adds an amazing shine you don't get with other balms. Nice enough to use on it's own or adds a glossy finish used on top of any lipstick. Love it! xxx

Reviewed by Jess, 13/01/12

This is a lovely lip butter, it smells exactly as delicious as it sounds and leaves the lips soft and glossy. I love it!

Reviewed by Izzy, 02/01/12

I love love love this lip butter. It smells absolutely gorgeous and is a huge tin so great value for money:) my lips feel so soft afterwards and this lives in my handbag. can't wait to try some other flavours