Soap Bars

A range of gentle soaps in a range of fragrances suitable for the whole family.
A great fragrance similar in type to Aqua di gio
A favourite with all the family. Sweet & fruity
A traditional bar shape with heart embed in the gorgeous Cherry Bakewell Scent
A mens favourite fragrance type
Similar in type to the mens fragrance similar in name
Smells like Millions Mens
A stunning soap that smells just as good as it looks
Kids need to use the soap to set the minion free. Banana fragrance.
A pretty peach soap with a red lips embed in our amazingly fizzy sherbet scent.
A funky fun soap in a very popular perfume type fragrance
A slice of soap in a beautiful fragrance with a pretty daisy design
A cute Cupcake shaped soap fragranced in Strawberry Milkshake
a fresh sweet watermelon soap with a srubby formula to exfoliate and wash at the same time
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£3.00 - £3.50
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ellie , 10/11/16

The smells like alien soap looks amazing with the purple lips and it smells amazing too! Lasts for ages.

Reviewed by kevlin , 01/02/16

Sherbet lemon soap smells just like the sweets. A real trip down memory lane.



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