Bubbling Bathbombs

A brilliant bathbomb that changes the colour of the water and smells just like bubblegum
similar in type to Victoria Secret Love Spell
smells like black opium
Fragranced in the popular ladies perfume type
Simialr in type to the perfume Angel
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Turn your Bath into a relaxing Spa like experience with one of our bombs. A great range of fragrances so something for everyone. Made with Apricot Oil for added softness.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Nina , 13/01/17

Will never go anywhere else for bath products, mh favorite bath both is smells like alien, the aroma of all the bath bombs are amazing!! Leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft, does not stain your bath but makes the color of the water amazing!! Highly recommend x

Reviewed by Evveee , 08/12/16

OMG this is the best bath bomb! Love the smell and love the colours!! Xx

Reviewed by Ellie , 10/11/16

Love these bath bombs, so much better than the well known brand as these all leave your skin feeling so soft, smell amazing, so colourful and dont end up staining your skin or your bath. My favourite scent is blackberry jam and lovers spell

Reviewed by Maddi S, 08/10/16

Used marshmallow blends for the first time today and it was amazing! Leaves your skin nice and soft and smelling gorgeous too! Definitely recommend to anyone!

Reviewed by Millissa , 16/08/16

I've been using Marshmallowblends since Danielle hunt showed them in her live videos I've never been disappointed bubble gum is my favourite fragrance, but all the ones I've tried always leave a beautiful colour and smell in the bath , not an issue with sensitive skin always leaves my skin feeling soft worth the money

Reviewed by Mia , 10/05/16

Sherbet Smooch
The smell of this is just amazing, the color it turns my bath water is just as amazing, and it left my skin feeling so soft!

Reviewed by Kat , 20/03/16

I absolutely love smells like poison bath bomb so much fizz that leaves the bath water blue n bubbly but also leaves a nice smelling aroma

Reviewed by Linzi o, 19/03/16

These are gorgeous.leave your skin feeling so soft.both myself and my little boy love these

Reviewed by kevlin , 18/03/16

I think these are better than the well known high street stores version. They leave skin soft and smooth, they look wonderful in and out of the water.

Reviewed by Michelle , 14/02/16

Lovers Spell bomb is amazing turns the bath a purple colour and a really nice fragrance. Would definitely buy again.

Reviewed by sarah b, 29/06/13

omg!! this is a really nice bathbomb leaves ur skin so soft n smelling deicious!! will be buying this one again!

Reviewed by Shabnam C, 25/08/12

After my delightful bath, my skin was left feeling soft, plus I smelt amazing too!

Reviewed by Cheryl , 27/05/12

OMG this is the best bath bomb ever really lasts and bubbles,and smells yummy x

Reviewed by Emma , 28/03/12

Oh my gosh! These are out of this world! They smell so lovely, bubble, turn the bath water pink AND makes your skin very soft. Will be buying more!



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