Bubble Crumble Blocks (Crumble under the taps to make a big bubble bath)

A sweetshop favourite. These are all handmade so designs may vary.
A Beautiful Cherry with strong almond notes. Bars may vary as each one is handmade
A pretty fruity perfume blend similar in style to Victoria secrets Love Spell
A yummy Sweet Marshmallow Fragrance that fills the bath with soft fluffy bubbles
A fabulous fragrance just like the sweeties. Each bar may vary because they are handmade
Fragranced in our girly sweet candyfloss sugary girly scent. Each bar is handmade so may vary
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Sometimes only a Big Bath of Luxury Bubbles will do. Our fabulous Crumble Blocks make Movie Star Bubbles in minutes. Break a piece off and crumble under the running taps. The more water force the bigger the bubbles. Why not mix things up and use a small piece of crumble with a Bathbomb or some Epsom Salts for your own Bath Cocktail?

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ellie , 10/11/16

Ive had a couple of these crumble blocks, they make your baths really bubbly and they smell amazing but I find it can be quite hard to crumble them under the tap properly then when you drain the bath there's lots of little bits of the block stuck to the sides of the bath other than this they're great and a little goes a long way

Reviewed by Beckie , 19/03/16

Love these crumble blocks, you only need a small amount amount to produce a lovely bubble bath and they smell amazing!!!

Reviewed by Katie H, 29/02/16

Absolutely love this product, only need a small amount to fill my bath with lovely soft bubbles!

Reviewed by kevlin , 01/02/16

By far my favourite bath product. It looks so pretty, smells wonderful. If I leave any lying around my son (17) pinches it. The bubbles smell edible, but trust me, don't try them!!

Reviewed by Amy G, 31/01/16

this is amazing the smell is so lovely and strong it lingers round the house after a hot bath



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