Fizzy Bath Bombs

Similar in type to Aqua di gio for men. With epsom salts
The classic scent of baby powder enriched with cocoa butter
A Bananananana fragranced bomb in Blue and yellow. Toppers will be choosen at random.
Fragranced in bubblegum with a hidden pirate coin in the centre.
Similar in type to Joop for men
Our popular Millionaire Man fragrance type
A stunning bath bomb thats smells as good as it looks
Smells just like the sweeties. This turns the water a pretty purple shade too.
A pretty vanilla, sugar, caramel scent with hints of musk & Candyfloss.
A fizzy zingy sweet lemon fragrance
A lovely relaxing scent with a formula that colours the water.
A fruity plum fragrance with a touch of vanilla and nutmeg
A sweet fresh watermelon scent that colours the water and leaves skin so soft
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Bathing will never be the same once you try our fabulous handmade Bath Bombs. Each bomb is mixed and moulded by hand. We add Apricot Kernal oil for a touch of luxury and they come in a wonderful range of fragrances. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Shannon , 16/05/16

Missy Madomoseille smells absolutely gorgeous! Great for sensitive skin and looks awesome fizzing away in the bath!

Reviewed by Mia , 10/05/16

Sleepy Stars
The colors on this bath bomb creates an amazing green color in your bath water, and it has the most amazing and relaxing scent!



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